All You Should Know About TOGAF Pitfalls

TOGAF 9.1 is very significant and effective framework for enterprise architecture management. That being said, there’s an increasing number of users expecting impossible things from TOGAF 9.1 or attempting to utilize it for new things without knowing its limitations, which brings the disappointments and project failures.

These limitations ought not to be seen as reasons not to use TOGAF, but rather as a guide on what you cannot do with this tool at the moment. For complete enterprise architecture management you will have to augment for the gaps with other frameworks.

TOGAF 9.1 pitfalls:

1. It’s domain oriented, which prompts the loss of integration across the EA and it does not have the tools to show how the business components are related to the executed strategy.


2. TOGAF doesn’t make the distinction between components that are a part of its strategy and those that are a part of its system.

3. TOGAF is focused on IT. Accordingly, it neglects to optimize the organization’s capacity to deliver results and reduce costs.


4. Modeling standards of TOGAF are centered around narrow aspects of EA as opposed to managing the transformation of the whole enterprise.

5. It doesn’t indicate how the components of the business are related to the strategy, which creates a gap between the business model and the strategy.


6. TOGAF does not have a consistent strategy for process management and life cycles of the processes, which makes processes inconsistent.

7. Another TOGAF pitfall is the absence of specifics on infrastructure architecture or platform architecture, which shows the absence of integration between the main parts of data architecture, application architecture, information architecture and the specific architecture of platform architecture.


8. Process, capability or competency maturity is not included in TOGAF. There is no link between maturity and organization, leading to limited support for EA transformation.

9. It gives no direction to professionals. How should they think about EA, use EA concepts, or which tools ought to be utilized for analysis is not specified.


10. The relationship between business and applications is not recognized by TOGAF. TOFAG also does not give essential tools for analyzing business problems which can be solved in the application layer.

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